Things to Know About a Lumpectomy and Shapers

There is a common misinterpretation that breast shapers are only for patients who have undergone mastectomy. However, these are also useful for those who have had a lumpectomy (also called breast-conserving surgery). But if you are considering a lumpectomy and shapers in Fort Smith, Arkansas, it’s vital to have a clear understanding. It is because many women are often unaware or misinformed of the partial breast shapers.

But with a lumpectomy being preferred nowadays, more commonly than mastectomies, it’s vital to understand the things available to a you and all the choices you have. Many women today are interested in knowing about a lumpectomy and shapers. In many cases they were not provided with any information about their right to choose partial breast forms or how they can support breasts after surgery. But now things are changing and there’s more awareness about partial breast shapers and forms.

The lumpectomy and shapers are helpful after surgery, radiation, or reconstructive surgery. These are useful for restoring your balance while helping you feel comfortable and confident. While wearing breast shapers of any type is a personal choice, it’s not mandatory to wear them if you don’t want to. But it’s crucial to know their exact purpose and use for helping you make a well-informed decision. 

Understanding Lumpectomy and Radiation

Specialized breast cancer surgeons perform lumpectomy and radiation in Fort Smith, Arkansas to help treat many women with breast cancer. If you had cancer in your breast(s) and you got it diagnosed early, there are chances that you’ll undergo breast-conserving surgery, which is also called a lumpectomy. This surgical procedure helps in removing the cancerous lump from within the breast tissue while helping patients lead a healthy life. This surgical procedure is often paired with radiaiation and intends to save a major part of your breast tissue for normal functioning.

However, every woman with breast cancer is not eligible for a lumpectomy. For this procedure, a doctor considers the given factors:

  • How large is the tumor in association with your breast?
  • Do you have more than one major tumor?
  • Are you pregnant? (if so, you won’t be undergoing radiation therapy)
  • Where is the tumor present in your breast? (some locations will lead to more cosmetic results than others)
  • Have you ever undergone radiation therapy in the chest area or breast?

If none of these things apply to you, your doctor may discuss with you the possibility of a lumpectomy rather than mastectomy.

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A lumpectomy is a procedure that you must consider for the given reasons:

  • To reduce the recurrence rate in certain cases.
  • A lumpectomy enables you to sustain most parts of your natural breast.
  • This procedure is generally shorter, so has a shorter recovery time.
  • Certain women, who undergo lumpectomy, may experience only minimal loss of breast sensation.

Fixing Breast Asymmetry (or Uneven Breasts) After Lumpectomy

You may experience uneven or asymmetric breasts after the procedure of lumpectomy. It may become apparent only when the inflammation after surgery reduces. It may happen due to the part removed part of breast tissue or just because of the radiation impact on breast tissue or the skin.


If it is troubling you to an extent that your clothes are not fitting correctly or you are not feeling confident with the look of your breast, you need to consider partial breast shapers. These are likely to help you from the asymmetric form while making you feel more confident in terms of your appearance.

Lumpectomy breast forms or shapers, also called partial breast forms, can help you cover, fill, and conceal almost any type of asymmetry due to surgery or radiotherapy. They also help in forming a natural balance for your uneven breasts.

The shapers are available in various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. It means that you can get the right fit to accommodate your individual needs. You can attach them to your skin with an adhesive or wear them within your bra cup. Either way, it will support and shape your breast evenly.

Are you eligible for a lumpectomy and shapers in Fort Smith, Arkansas?

You should be eligible for a breast shaper, which is typically updated every two to three years, pending your insurance plan. However, it may vary depending on the insurance you have. So, make sure to ask your mastectomy fitter about it in detail.

Nonetheless, a breast shaper is a perfect tool to help you regain your everyday body confidence by giving you your natural silhouette. Just get in touch with your breast navigator if you wish to get more details on various types of breast shapers.

Custom Lumpectomy Shapers by Pink Ribbon

At Pink Ribbon, we aim at making you feel confident about your new appearance. We have professional and BOC-certified lumpectomy fitters. They can assist you in finding the right prosthesis and shapers for your unique situation. After understanding your requirement, they can provide you with the best shapers to fill up any asymmetry. Get in touch with us to find your perfect fit.


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