Depending on the type of surgery you’ve had, we offer several products. If you have a lumpectomy or portion of your breast removed, a silicone partial works great to smooth out and create more symmetry. If you have had a mastectomy, we carry post surgery camisoles for immediately after surgery. The post surgery camisoles have pouches for drains and special pockets to accommodate a light weight post surgery breast form. Once your doctor tells you are ready, you’ll be fitted for a breast prosthesis and mastectomy bra. Check out what to expect from your journey.

A partial prosthesis is a natural feeling overlay that slips into the pocket of a mastectomy bra & corrects the asymmetry. They come in various sizes, shapes and thicknesses.

Wearing a breast form should not restrict you from enjoying any of the activities you enjoyed before surgery. If you are very active it may be more comfortable to wear a lighter weight form. If you enjoy swimming, we carry swim forms that fit into the pockets of the swim suits we carry. Be sure to wash the chlorine and salt water off your prosthesis after each use.

The fitting of a breast prosthesis is not only for aesthetic appearances, it’s also a therapeutic measure that replaces the weight of the breast. When fitted with a breast prosthesis that matches is size to the remaining breast, the weight equilibrium of the body is kept in balance.

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