Did you know about Breast Prosthesis?

We offer the American Breast Care Custom Breast Prosthesis for women following a mastectomy or breast conserving surgery.

Quick and easy

iPad scanning technology


Silicone for comfort

Extensive selection

Of skin and nipple/areola colors and options

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Our specialties

Mastectomy Fittings

We have experienced BOC Certified Mastectomy Fitters who will be able to assist you in finding the correct bras and prosthesis for your individual situation. They will treat you with respect and compassion. It is our goal that you will leave feeling confident in your new appearance.

Lymphedema Products

All of our staff has been trained to properly measure and fit you in a suitable garment. We work with local Lymphatic Therapists to ensure you are getting the correct type and support you need. We carry everything from arm sleeves to full leg custom garments.

Getting to know your bra

You’d be astonished at what having the right bra size can do for you and your figure, comfort and confidence is important! Our bra size calculator will help you find just that!

From Adhesive to Surgical, there’s a bra for every style! Our Bra Style Guide will teach you the differences between the vast amount of bra styles!

Every woman knows how the wrong bra can be painful or uncomfortable. Take a moment and read our Common Bra Problem guide to learn how to handle your bra problems.

Proper Lingerie care will help you protect your investment and get the most use out of your Lingerie. Our Lingerie Care Guide teaches you how to wash, dry, and store your intimates