Radiation Friendly Bras: Uses, Features, How to Wear it & More

It’s a scary feeling to get diagnosed with breast cancer. But thanks to advanced medical technology, it’s now easier to cure cancer. If a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, she has to undergo a mastectomy or lumpectomy. However, after the surgery, the patients also have to go through radiation therapy to kill any remaining cancer cells. When a patient undergoes radiation therapy, they also need high-quality and comfortable radiation friendly bras.

The radiation therapy bras are specifically designed for breast cancer patients during and after the therapy for much-needed support and softness. Also called post-surgery bras, radiation friendly bras are gentle on the skin for cancer patients. The cups are shaped with double layers. As a result, they offer optimal support to patients’ sensitive breasts after the surgical procedure.  This specific bra also comes with breast supports within the fabric.


Reasons to Use Radiation Therapy Bras

We understand how uncomfortable radiation therapy is. So, finding the right radiation friendly bras, (Fort Smith, Arkansas)  is vital to wear during and after your treatment. But make sure to buy these bras in the right fit to ensure they are not uncomfortable. These bras also don’t come with any seams to avoid any sort of pain points or irritation in sensitive areas. These bras will keep you comfortable during and after the treatment.

The high-quality radiation bras consisting of modal material are well-designed with the softest microfiber material. Some manufacturers even offer stylish radiation bras to ensure that a patient doesn’t have to compromise with style even during their treatment. Some of the radiation friendly bra designs come with convertible straps to easily customize a bra to be a straight strap or cross-back strap. 

If you have any specific requirements, let your certified mastectomy fitter know. Although the radiation bras are designed keeping radiation therapy needs in mind, these are also suitable for those who have undergone lumpectomy, reconstruction, or other breast surgeries.


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Common Use of Radiation Friendly Bras

Here are some common uses of radiation friendly bras Northwest Arkansas NWA:

  • You can use these bras during and after radiation therapy. Since a patient’s skin becomes sensitive during/after treatment, such seamless bras are great to provide them relief from skin irritation and pain.
  • One can even wear it after breast-conserving surgery.


Features of High-Quality Radiation Bras:

  • This bra is suitable for cancer patients due to its extremely soft, superior-quality fabric.
  • The straps are comfortable and adjustable.
  • The molded cups some with double layering for better support and comfort.
  • Their bands come with soft edging.



You need to follow the given steps to measure your accurate bras size after breast cancer surgery and radiation therapy:

  • Place a measuring tape at your underbust line and also measure the underbust circumference. You need to have a look at the sizing chart below your band size that perfectly fits you.
  • After that, measure the bust. You need to do the difference with the underbust measure.
  • Now, use that difference for locating the bra cup size.
  • Generally, your radiation bra’s size is the cup size preceding your band size.


How to wear radiation friendly bras?

A radiation friendly bra may include pockets for holding the prosthesis in place without slipping. After that, take the breast prosthesis and fold it a little. Gently, slide it into the cup and adjust it with your fingers as per your comfort. Once you have properly adjusted the bra, you need to wear it with hooks at the backside. If it feels complicated, look for a bra with hooks at the front part.

Since the bra straps are adjustable, you need to properly check and adjust the bra as per your comfort and the fit you desire. Hence, this bra is suitable for the procedure you undergo during radiation therapy.

Washing instructions:

When you want to wash your radiation bras, consider washing by hands in cold water. If you consider using a machine, only wash in gentle mode with a mild detergent. Never wash them in hot water, as it can impact the elasticity loss.

Avoid pulling, squeezing, wriggling, or twisting it. Also, never tumble dry the bra. Let it dry only in the sun or shade – as you prefer. Furthermore, you must not bleach or iron it. And, store it with utmost care.


You can use the premium quality radiation friendly bras Central Arkansas to augment your breast shape. Make sure that it is comfortable and gentle on the skin to avoid any skin irritation. When looking forward to purchasing the right radiation bra, you need to keep in mind all the factors mentioned in this article. These factors will ensure that you’ll find the best radiation bra for your maximum comfort. If not, it’s best to get a custom-fit radiation bra for yourself from Pink Ribbon.

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