Choose Right Post-Mastectomy Compression Bra For Fast Recovery

After mastectomy surgery, recovery is crucial for optimal results. Compression bra, also known as compression garment or support garment, is post-surgical accessories that can significantly aid the recovery process. Many surgeons suggest wearing compression bras for four to six weeks following surgery. It is because this helps in reducing post-operation swelling, lower the risk of implant dislocation, and facilitate healing. Even clinical studies support the use of compression in aiding the body’s healing process and optimizing results post-surgery.

Compression bras or surgical support bras may not be the most fashionable, but they are essential for shaping and supporting your new breasts. If you have the opportunity to improve your results, why not take it? To achieve the most natural and optimal results, wear the compression bra continuously, except during showering or bathing.

Reasons to wear compression bras

Here are some notable reasons why you need to consider wearing compression bras after your mastectomy surgery:

  1. Reduces inflammation and scarring

Compression bras can reduce swelling and bruising after breast surgery by applying even pressure to the treated area, preventing fluid buildup and aiding fluid absorption. Without a compression garment, swelling can persist for an extended period. Furthermore, by preventing blood flow to the skin’s surface, a compression garment can minimize bruising, resulting in less visible scarring. According to the experts, look for high-quality compression bras in Fort Smith (or any other area where you reside) for better recovery.

  1. Reduces the recovery time while speeding up the healing process

Wearing a compression bra can help reduce recovery time and speed up the healing process. By managing post-operative swelling and discomfort, the compression garment can shorten the recovery process and enable patients to resume their normal lives more quickly.

  1. Prevents the risk of blood clotting after surgery

Compression garments can also reduce the risk of blood clotting, a significant risk associated with any surgical procedure, by promoting effective circulation. Proper circulation also aids in wound healing and reduces the risk of infection.

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  1. Improves final results

Thanks to the compression bra after breast surgery, you can see improvement in the final aesthetic results. It is because this piece of garment provides the necessary support to the breast(s) while keeping implants in place. Hence, it helps in achieving a smoother and more even outcome. The garment also aids in the contraction of the skin to its new contours and ensures that surgical incisions heal correctly. Compression garments can also help with proper posture, facilitate easy movement, and reduce pain for most patients.

Things to consider while choosing post-surgery compression bras

Not sure how to choose a compression bra after a mastectomy? Here are some vital things to consider:

  • Front closure – Look for a bra with a front closure to ensure easy adjustment and taking off whenever necessary, without excessive breast movement.
  • Breathable fabric – Choose a bra with breathable fabric to ensure the skin remains well-ventilated and dry to prevent irritation and moisture buildup. It is best to go for cotton fabric instead of synthetic or any other fabric.
  • No underwire – Since the underwire is uncomfortable and hard against the skin, a compression bra must not include it.
  • Comfortable fit – Your post-surgical bra must have a comfortable and pressure-free fit. It ensures that you can easily wear it throughout the day without any irritation.
  • Adjustable straps – You have to look for adjustable bra straps, as you might need to keep adjusting them several times a day during recovery.

To achieve a speedy recovery and confidently showcase your new bust line, it’s important to find a comfortable, breathable, adjustable bra that offers ample support. Simply try on several bras until you find the one that suits your specific needs.

How long do you need to wear your compression bra after mastectomy?

The duration of wearing a compression bra after a mastectomy will vary based on your surgeon’s and treatment team’s recommendations. This special garment provides additional coverage to your underarms, back, and chest, which helps prevent swelling and fluid buildup during the recovery process.

Wearing a compression bra can secure the skin and reduce movement around your stitches, which is crucial for preventing scar tissue formation and the need for future surgeries. Since it is made using a skin-sensitive material, it’s quite comfortable and lightweight against the body. Plus, it comes with well-designed pockets to hold one/two breast(s) prosthetics. Therefore, many healthcare experts suggest wearing it for better mastectomy recovery, whether you get your treatment in Fort Smith or any other nearby region.


The compression bras are well-designed with various fastening options to accommodate the limited mobility of patients post-surgery. They are developed based on the input of leading specialists in the field. And, are intended for easy wear without interfering with daily activities or causing any discomfort. Plus, these bras can be worn throughout the entire recovery period.

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