Lumpectomy and Radiation | Lumpectomy and Shapers For Breast

Around 70 percent of women in several countries undergo breast-conserving surgery called a lumpectomy. It is a surgery to remove abnormal tissue or breast cancer from the breast(s). After a lumpectomy, most women opt to wear a partial prosthesis or firm balancing shapers. 

Likewise, women with different breast sizes (or those struggling with asymmetry) after a lumpectomy also need to wear shapers.

Women with small tumors removed are not even informed about shapers or partial prostheses, as the breast size difference is very small. But, someone who undergoes a unilateral mastectomy or lumpectomy often has a major breast size difference. 

It is because one breast becomes smaller or may be removed during the surgery. So, women may start feeling uncomfortable and lack confidence due to asymmetry. That’s where Pink Ribbon’s shapers, that can be used for a lumpectomy or reconstruction, come into play.

Thanks to shapers, women can feel better about themselves and live a normal life like before. While breast implants are one option, they lack the natural curvature of breasts. For instance, silicone implants are flat at the front. 

Due to this, the implanted breasts may not fit perfectly in a bra cup. But, after lumpectomy and radiation procedures, women need something to make them feel the symmetry that their bodies previously had. 

Generally, after surgery and radiation, the affected breast may have some swelling for a while. So, a patient may not feel the need for a partial prosthesis. However, after the swelling goes down, the difference is clearly visible. That is when a patient has to look for the right shaper to fit the affected breast.

Breast shapers by Pink Ribbon are well designed for women who require fullness to have better bra symmetry. We have the right product for women who have recently had breast-conserving surgery and want to attain even shape after reconstruction. 

Who can benefit after a lumpectomy with a shaper?

The lumpectomy shapers are beneficial for women:

  • after several biopsies
  • after a breast lumpectomy or conserving surgery, and especially if radiation followed the surgery
  • during the tissue expansion phase
  • after reconstruction with gradual changes over time
  • with breast malformation or natural breast asymmetry

Benefits of shapers after a lumpectomy by Pink Ribbon Boutique

Here are some notable benefits of choosing shapers after a lumpectomy procedure:

  • Shapers after a lumpectomy, help to mold the natural breast tissue. When a woman chooses the shaper in the right weight and shape, they may feel closer to their natural breasts.
  • A well-designed breast shaper sits on the affected area securely. So, it enables women to move freely, knowing that they will stay securely in one place. They can perform various activities with utmost comfort.
  • Since a custom prosthesis is placed on the chest, it provides a very natural appearance compared to any other product. Hence, many women prefer it because this custom shaper helps in emphasizing the overall body shape even when they wear body-hugging clothes.

Types of Prosthesis at Pink Ribbon

There are various types of breast prosthesis and each product has a significant role at various times:

  • A silicone prosthesis appears very realistic to offer women a natural feel. Silicone prosthesis comes in two types – pear-shaped or symmetrical (ideal to wear sideways) and asymmetrical (it is ideal for either right side or left side). There are many shapes and sizes today.
  • The lightweight version is ideal for a patient recovering from surgery. This version is highly comfortable. It even provides the utmost comfort to the wearer. Plus, these are easy to wash with hands and in a machine.
  • A custom breast prosthesis is another suitable option to offer maximum comfort to the wearer. Due to its restored feel of wholeness and lightweight construction, it will make women feel more secure and beautiful. The best part is that these are easy to customize as per one’s unique body shape.

Maintenance Tips For Lumpectomy Shapers

Maintenance and care for lumpectomy shapers often depend on their material. Typically, silicone needs maximum consideration for care and maintenance. One can hand wash their silicone prosthesis to keep them clean. But, make sure not to wear them in a hot tub or swimming pool. These conditions could cause the breakdown of silicone material while making them feel stickier and thinner. 

On the other hand, non-silicone materials need less maintenance. The good thing is, that women can wear it even in hot tubs or in swimming pools. These are also easier to clean in a washing machine.

For better maintenance and care tips, women need to follow instructions from healthcare professionals, fitters, or instructions given on the packaging. Such instructions are likely to make shapers or partial prostheses last longer.

What Makes Our Lumpectomy Shapers Unique?

At Pink Ribbon, we offer various types of lumpectomy shapers, prostheses, and mastectomy bras. Each product is characterized by superior quality standards. We offer personalized, discreet, and professional fittings to ensure the survivors of breast cancer feel safe and secure while wearing our prostheses. 

We provide a range of products, such as post-surgical camisoles, lymphedema sleeves, breast forms, and more.

We have certified professional fitters with Board for Certification (BOC). We assure superior quality prosthesis to provide the feel of natural breasts. Our professionals ensure maximum comfort and complete freedom of movement for the wearer.

These are all the characteristics that make our prosthesis and shapers unique yet practical for the wearers. We specialize in offering a personalized range of shapers/prosthesis to cater to the needs of breast cancer survivors.

Interested in premium quality prosthesis after a lumpectomy and radiation? Check out our prosthesis collection and find the right product for yourself. Or, get in touch with our fitters for a customized product.

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