Breast Reconstruction vs. Breast Prosthesis

Undergoing a complete mastectomy or losing a small part of a breast affects the women’s physical as well as mental well-being. For women, breast symbolizes femininity, womanhood, and motherhood. Losing a part of or entire breast may affect a woman’s confidence. But thanks to the modernization of surgery, now women can regain the lost confidence by either restoring the breast or a part of it with breast reconstruction. A breast prosthesis is also a viable option for women who don’t wish to go under the knife again. 

This blog actively discusses both options, Breast Reconstruction vs. Breast Prosthesis, to make you capable of making the right decision. 

Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction is the surgical process of giving you a new breast shape. The reconstructed breast is called a breast mound that resembles the original breast as much as possible. The process includes two main types, namely;

  • Flap Reconstruction: In the Flap Reconstruction process, the fat, skin, and muscle of other body parts are used to make the breast. 
  • Implant Reconstruction: In the Implant Reconstruction process, a sac filled with saline or silicon gel is placed to mimic the breast. 

Please Note: The surgical procedure does not guarantee that the reconstructed breast will resemble or feel the same as the natural breast. In most cases, after a mastectomy there will be no feeling.

Breast Prosthesis

Breast Prosthesis, as the name suggests, is a synthetic breast (or a part of it) worn in a mastectomy bra or against the chest wall, if it is a custom prosthesis, to mimic the removed breast or a part of it. The custom prosthesis is designed according to your body shape so that it takes the form of it. 

A prosthesis can be worn under the clothing in pockets, especially in bras or activewear. These are lighter and more comfortable. The best part about wearing a prosthesis is – you don’t have to bear the pain of surgery all over again. 

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Making the decision between – Breast Reconstruction or Breast Prosthesis

After a lumpectomy or mastectomy, you can choose between Breast Reconstruction or Breast Prosthesis. This blog will guide you about the same. 

Get to know about your choices: Before you start hunting for the best viable option, you need to understand available options and integrated costs. Meanwhile, if you feel the decision to be highly daunting, start with a breast prosthesis initially and later with reconstruction if your body and budget allow it. 

Get a detailed analysis done: Often, not every woman’s body supports breast reconstruction, and hence record every detail your doctor shares about you. This will help you make the right decision later. 

Get all options scrutinized: When choosing between the breast prosthesis and breast reconstruction, you must clearly understand what your specialist says. Reach out to a breast reconstruction surgeon as well as a breast prosthesis fitter to get a clear picture. Specialists are experienced people in their respective fields. They will help you gauge better the idea of getting a prosthesis fitted or breast reconstruction done. 

The decision is primarily yours: After the entire research, it is solely your decision. So, have some alone time and ponder about what will be the best option for you. Take into consideration all factors, including your body’s pain-bearing capacity, budget limitations, etc. And if you find breast prosthesis a more reliable and better option than Breast Reconstruction, then connect with Pink Ribbon Boutique. 

Choosing the right Breast Prosthesis

A breast Prosthesis is an artificial breast designed to mimic the natural breast. It is very helpful for women who have undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy. 

The idea of prostheses helps such women regain their confidence and keep fighting like survivors. Moreover, it is also very helpful because;

  • It is not as costly as Breast Reconstruction. 
  • It negates the need to get one more painful surgery for breast reconstruction. 
  • It is the best option for females with health concerns.
  • It is a very quick and easy process. 

Types of available Breast Prosthesis 

  • External silicon: It is made up of silicon and feels quite natural. In the long run, silicon prostheses are quite supportive in improving shoulder dropping. 
  • Attachable: It has adhesive to attach to the chest wall and is pretty convenient.  
  • Shaper or shell: Also named partial breast, it helps existing breasts get better shape and maintain the outline. Material like fiberfill, foam, and silicon is used to make shapers or shells.  
  • Non-silicon: Non-silicon prosthesis is generally made up of foam or fiberfill. The material selection makes this prosthesis lighter and more comfortable. 

Be confident with your decision

Decision-making often takes a toll on your cognitive ability when options are quite intriguing. But when pros side with a breast prosthesis, it is by far the best decision to go ahead with it. It not only helps the person to retain the natural shape but also feels comfortable and gentle. 

For more help, contact team Pink Ribbon. 

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