Gifts to Give Yourself after Undergoing Breast Cancer Surgery

To add new items in your wardrobe after the breast cancer surgery, we’ve put together a list of some gift ideas.

Wearing some of these items can actually make you feel better and happier. After all, clothing can affect how you feel. When we look and feel good, it inspires us to pursue our goals.

If you have undergone single mastectomy and wish to purchase the below mentioned gifts for yourself, then you should know how to measure your bust size. To take your bust measurement, wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest at nipple level. Round it to the nearest whole number. The value is the bust size. You can even go to a boutique where a BOC certified fitter will take all measurements using the latest technology so that you can find the best fitting mastectomy apparel.

A Mastectomy Bra – A mastectomy bra after surgery makes you feel special and confident. At Pink Ribbon, they have all sizes, and designs of mastectomy bras. This means you’ll surely find something that suits your needs and lifestyle. We also have mastectomy bras with built-in pockets to accommodate your breast prosthesis.

Custom Prosthetic Breasts – Custom prosthetic breasts or artificial breast forms are another gift you can give yourself after undergoing surgery. If you want to get back the appearance of your natural breasts but don’t want to go for reconstruction, prosthetic breasts are the most recommended option. These breast forms are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and skin tones, and can be customized to meet your needs. The materials used in designing breast forms make you feel similar to a natural breast. Always choose the prosthesis in accordance with your lifestyle.

A Swimsuit – Swimming is the most recommended exercise to strengthen your body before, during, and after breast cancer treatment. But, always be sure to check with your doctor before starting any new exercise. The swimsuits designed for women who underwent breast cancer surgery recently have unique features to conceal scars such as higher necklines, built-in bra pockets, and armholes.

Custom Lymphedema Garments – Women who have been treated for breast cancer are likely to suffer from lymphedema – a disease wherein your limbs and legs swell due to the damage to the lymphatic system and abnormal accumulation of lymph fluid in the narrow spaces between tissues. Although there is no cure, the patients are recommended to wear custom lymphedema garments over the affected area to reduce swelling, improve circulation, and prevent the re-accumulation of the fluid in any body part.

Based in Arkansas, Pink Ribbon provides personalized, professional and discreet fittings for post-mastectomy bras and apparel for breast cancer survivors. We provide an array of the above mentioned items that you can gift yourself after undergoing any type of breast surgery. A certified BOC fitter will measure your bust size to provide customized breast forms, mastectomy bras, lymphedema sleeves, and other mastectomy apparel.