Debunking Bra Myths – Follow These Do’s and Dont’s

We, women, wear bras, all day, every day, but every now and then we hear some contradictory facts, that makes us ponder or give a second thought to wearing a bra. There is more to a bra than you might think, from using the bra size calculator, finding the bra that fits you well, to washing it properly every week. What if someone comes and tells you that all these myths are wrong.

Below are listed the super popular bra myths that are completely wrong:

MYTH #1: Don’t wear a bra while sleeping, it might cause cancer: This myth began with a case study according to which there was a lower risk of breast cancer in women who didn’t wear bras as compared to those who did. The scientists concluded that it is actually due to wearing tight bras, and not the bra itself. To date no evidence has been found to support this claim.

MYTH #2: Average bra cup size is 34C: This myth has led to a much bigger problem – most of the women end up wearing the wrong bra size that does not fit them properly. That is why it is recommended to use a bra size calculator and get yourself the perfect fit. You can seek help from a certified bra fitter when you enter any store for purchasing your bra.

MYTH #3: How you put on your bra plays a vital role: This myth is very much surprising. It’s not just about wearing the wrong size but it is a common problem. Don’t buy bras that fit on the tightest clasp instead buy the one that looks perfect in the middle hook.  Bra size can fluctuate from year to year with changes in weight, muscle tone, etc., therefore check your breast size every six months. Also, don’t choose the wrong cup size.

MYTH #4: Wearing a bra all the time can cause your breasts to loose firmness: Another myth about bras is that wearing a bra all day long and all throughout life can make your breasts become saggy. Breast firmness does not depend on whether you wear a bra or don’t. Psychological factors impact our body along with breasts over time. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging – all of these factors contribute to saggy breasts.

MYTH #5: The size of the breasts remains the same always: Breast size never remains the same all throughout the year. Age factor and gaining & losing weight affect the bra size. Even a minor change in weight – whether its gain or loss, brings about the change in bra size. Then how is it possible that your size will remain the same all throughout life.

Now, when these myths have been busted, simply don’t believe what people say without doing an in-depth study. Next time you go shopping for a bra for yourself, check for the size using a bra size calculator and buy the perfect one that gives you the wow look.

Debunking Bra Myths