These Few Things Will Help You Manage Your Lymphedema

Lymphedema is a condition in which swelling occurs in arms and legs. It is the result of damage or removal of one or two lymph nodes. The swelling can be mild to severe and never goes away. If during the early phase itself, the patient wears custom lymphedema garments it will provide external pressure to assist lymph drainage thereby avoiding further swelling.

Lymphedema can also be categorized as a side effect of breast cancer treatment. Women treated for breast cancer or who have undergone mastectomy, lumpectomy, radiation therapy, and lymph node removal surgery often face the risk of developing lymphedema.

Try the below mentioned things and tactics to manage lymphedema.

Light Exercises – Light exercises can make the lymph fluid move in your body, which can help to reduce lymphedema symptoms. However, it is recommended to discuss your exercise plans with the healthcare physician, your Certified Lymphatic Therapist – prior beginning. Ball Squeeze, Elbow Flexion-Seated Exercise, Elbow Extension-Floor Exercise, and Shoulder Horizontal Adduction are some of the exercises that can be practiced daily under the guidance of a Certified Lymphatic Therapist.

Custom Lymphedema Garments – A lymphedema arm sleeve applies pressure to the arm and hand so that the lymph fluid moves in the right direction. Custom lymphedema garments are considered to be an effective treatment option for lymphedema. These garments are made up of flexible fabric and stiffer. If you have Stage 2 or 3 lymphedema, then it is recommended to undergo complete decongestive therapy. It is really best to see a Certified Lymphatic Therapist after any surgery with lymph node involvement. Thereafter, wear custom lymphedema garments to avoid further swelling.

Weight Maintenance – If you’re overweight, you might experience problems with lymphedema. However, if you lose weight, there are chances that you will significantly improve your lymphedema symptoms. Ask your doctor to create a diet and safe exercise plan for you which can bring down the weight to a healthy range. As the number of fat tissue increases in the lower extremity, lymphatic vessels may become dysfunctional and reduce lymphatic flow. Major weight loss may improve the condition of lymphedema in obese patients.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) can also bring some relief in lymphedema symptoms. These massages help in the reduction of lymph fluid from congested body parts. It is recommended to always clean your skin and apply sensitive moisturizers to avoid cracking skin. Do not wear constrictive clothes. Lastly, maintain a positive outlook about your health.

The above tips might not work for all cases, however, compression garments can ease and slow down the advancement of the condition. However, an improperly fitted lymphedema garment can make the situation worse by adding either too little or too much pressure on the affected part. Get it fitted by a certified fitter who have extensive experience in fitting. So if you require custom fittings for lymphedema garments and compression arm sleeves, visit Pink Ribbon Boutique. We have certified fitters who can help you select the right custom lymphedema garments and get the perfect fit.