Mastectomy Recovery and Compression Bras

A Mastectomy is a physically and mentally challenging process for women. The decision of removing part of the breast, or the entire breast is not easy. Not only is there restriction and pain, but it also has a significant impact on the physical appearance of women.

At Pink Ribbon, we help women with breast cancer by providing them the essential mastectomy products and post-surgery bra. With our breast prosthetics and mastectomy recovery products, you can heal while working to regain your self-confidence. 

Likewise, women with different breast sizes (or those struggling with asymmetry) after a lumpectomy also need to wear shapers.

Even for women who have decided to have breast reconstruction, compression and post-surgery bras are ideal for them natural Pink Ribbon’s post-surgery and mastectomy bras help you feel good about the way you appear by giving your breasts back their natural shape and securely holding them in place. 

Types of Prosthesis

Here are three major breast prostheses that help patients recover and live a normal life:

  • The most comfortable prosthesis to wear while recovering from surgery is a lightweight. It makes you feel comfortable, and they are simple to wash.
  • A silicone prosthesis gives you a more natural appearance and feel. There are many types of silicone prosthesis available: asymmetrical (made just for the left or right side), and symmetrical or pear-shaped (these are good to wear sideways too), just to name a few. 
  • The most common choice is the custom breast prosthesis since it is worn against your chest wall and is specially made to fit your body. It also gives comfort due to its lightweight design. Moreover, it restores a sense of wholeness. The customized breast prosthesis gives you more self-assurance and quickly improves your appearance.

Pink Ribbon Post Mastectomy Products

Pink Ribbon offers a complete line of post-mastectomy products. We dedicate our service to women following a breast cancer diagnosis and surgery.

Our team of BOC Certified Fitters are experienced professionals, who have years of experience fitting post-surgical camisoles, mastectomy bras, breast forms and compression garments.

Our products are well-designed to perfectly fit since we have every major brand of breast prosthesis. We are here to help you choose the right prosthesis and mastectomy bra that’s right for you and your lifestyle.

  • Partial Breast Shapers

Whether you’re sporting a form-fitting t-shirt or a low-cut evening gown, our shapers will give you better balance and symmetry. We offer an undetectable remedy for breasts that may be uneven. 

Thanks to partial breast shapers, your feminine form will have a perfect outline. A breast shaper is a beneficial product for breast-conserving surgery. The tapered edges and soft, lifelike silicone, which are designed to mold to your breast tissue, guarantee a smooth, natural appearance.

  • Mastectomy Compression Bra

Mastectomy compression bras, which are designed specifically for women who have undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy, can be worn with breast prostheses. Post-surgical bras include pockets that have been carefully constructed inside the cups.

The post-surgical compression bras offers better stabilization to help the tissue and your healing process. Additionally, they provide ideal conditions for post-operative scar treatment.

By supporting the breasts and surgical scars without hurting delicate tissue, these bras’ integrated support and compression zones serve to lower the risk of edema and post-surgery problems.

Each compression bra is tailored to match the various indications; they provide excellent comfort and a better-looking outcome. Since these bras don’t have a metal component, they are great to be worn for radiation as well. 

Why choose a Pink Ribbon Partial Shapers & Compression Bras?

Pink Ribbon’s wide selection of mastectomy bras and prosthetics are distinguished by their high standards of quality. Breast forms, mastectomy bras, post-surgical camisoles, lymphedema sleeves, and other mastectomy clothing are fitted to breast cancer sufferers in a way that is customized, professional, and discrete.


What distinguishes a post-mastectomy bra from a typical bra?

In the bra cup of post-mastectomy bras, there is a compartment that can be used to secure breast prostheses.

What kinds of mastectomy bras are there?

There are post-mastectomy bras for formal events, physical activity, relaxation, and sleep, as well as bikinis for swimming. There are post-surgery bras, leisure bras, and strapless bras.

When may a person go from a post-operative bra to a mastectomy bra?

We advise you to wear your recovery products continuously until the surgery site has healed and the edema has subsided. This typically takes three months, although personal healing differs dramatically. At this time, your physician will provide you a prescription for mastectomy bras, which you can have fitted at Pink Ribbon Boutique.

How often should mastectomy bras be changed?

A mastectomy bra typically lasts three to six months. Remember that the main function of a mastectomy bra is to safely and comfortably secure a breast form to the body. If your breast form seems heavy or if your weight changes, please see a trained mastectomy fitter. Avoid waiting and feeling uncomfortable.

How can I choose the right mastectomy bra size? 

Select the cup size for a mastectomy bra depending on the larger breast. To determine a new bra size and breast form size following a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or breast reconstruction, it is however advised to undergo a professional bra fitting. To learn more about the available sizes, take a look at this size chart.

What benefits does a post-surgery bra offer? 

  • Adjustable, supportive straps help maintain proper posture.
  • Wide sides for added protection
  • The wide under band holds the bra in place firmly
  • Prosthetics are kept safe in discrete pockets.
  • Possesses front and deep cups to provide comfort, support, and more cover.

Are mastectomy compression bras comfortable?

Yes. Their design is centered on comfort. These are the contents:

  • Wire-free, simple design.
  • The band and inside lining are made of soft micro fabric.
  • Extra-soft brushed elastics at the underband.
  • Front and rear hook-and-eye latch for simple, everyday wear – Adjustable back strap for a specific fit.

How do I choose a breast prosthesis that fits properly?

The two elements that should not be ignored are comfort and fit. The fitter is qualified to create the prosthesis that fits your particular body type the best.

Additionally, it is advised that you wear a simple, light-colored top to help the fitter determine your ideal shape. All of these will contribute to the creation of a prosthesis that perfectly fits your body. However, a selected prosthesis must fit well and reestablish balance and symmetry.

What purpose does wearing breast prostheses serve?

  • Restores confidence


A surgery like a mastectomy saps the emotional fortitude and psychological calm of many women. She might feel less confident as a result.

  • Gives a balanced appearance


Silicone gel is used to create prostheses, which more closely resemble natural breasts.

  • Medically needed

Women who are not undergoing reconstruction after a mastectomy need some sort of prosthesis because it helps to maintain the alignment of their shoulders and back.

Where can I buy a mastectomy bra?

Pink Ribbon Boutique, Inc., if you are in our area.  Retailers across the nation that specialize in meeting your unique mastectomy needs are partners with American Breast Care. To locate a merchant near you, use American Breast Care’s retailer locator.

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