This Is How To Measure Bra Size To Get That Perfect Fit

Regardless how elegantly you’re decked out, if your bra is not of the perfect size, you’ll never be able to carry that grace. Unfortunately, a great number of women wear wrong sized bra and they don’t have the slightest idea about it. With time, the size of your busts and overall physique undergoes many changes.

From puberty to pregnancy and even after that, a woman’s body goes through a lot of changes. That change is OK but instead of wearing that same old bra you should keep adjusting your bra size. But prior to it, how should know how to measure your bra cup size to get that accurate fit.

How Do Bra Sizes Work?

The working of bra size varies from brand to brand. As many number of brands will be there, same number of bra sizes chart will also be there. While buying a bra from a new brand, you need to be extra careful. The best recommendation in such cases is to know your exact size before leaving the house.

How To Measure Your Bra Cup Size

How would you determine whether you should wear A cup bra or B cup bra? To calculate your exact bra cup size, subtract the calculation of band size from bust size and whatever number you get, it should determine your cup size.

Follow These Tips To Wear The Bra In The Perfect Way

  • Prior to wearing your bra, slightly lean forward to check the size. Now, wear the bra and put the hook. Also, check whether your breasts are secured inside the cup or not. If not, then you should look for another size.
  • When you wear a bra, make sure to always keep the back and front of the bra on the same level.
  • If your breast are bulging out of the cups in an abnormal way, this means you’re not wearing the right one. These bulges might also be visible even when you’re wearing proper clothes. They are a lot more visible when you wear a slim-fit shirt.
  • Your bra should not be too loose. The total space under the band should not be more than a finger of yours. Falling straps are intolerable. They spoil the overall shape of the figure. If you are experiencing it, adjust the straps on the right place.
  • While purchasing the bras, do not rely or think that you will hook in the last hook. Always remember, your perfect bra is the one that fits you in when hooked in the outermost hook. Once the bra starts losing, you should opt for the middle and the last hook.


Wearing a perfectly fit bra is highly significant and it must never be taken lightly. If your breasts are safe and secured, you automatically feel confident. From the size of band to the size of cup, everything makes a difference. Follow this guide on how to measure your bra cup size and overcome the dilemma of whether you are wearing the perfect bra size or not.