Bra Band Should Always Fit – Check How

Each and every time you wear a bra, make sure from the very first time you put it on, you say: “My band sits level on my back, it’s snug, but not uncomfortably tight.” Getting a good fit from your bra is one of the most vital things and it can be a little tricky. You must know the basics of your bra fitting, what to look for in a well-fitting bra and how to use a bra size calculator to determine your perfect bra size. You will feel your best when wearing a bra that fits!

If your band leaves a mark on your skin, even when you fasten it on the loosest hook, it means it is too tight. If it rides up when you lift your arms above your head, even when you fasten it on the tightest hook, it means it is too loose. All in all, this means that your bra is not providing the 80% of the support that it should.

Many women across the globe aren’t wearing a bra band that fits them optimally, which is the leading cause of the above-mentioned issues. Read on further to know in detail how your bra band is supposed to fit.

Determine Your Proper Bra Band Size

To determine your proper bra band size, use our bra size calculator. You should always opt for the tape measure and measure directly underneath your bust while braless. At the same time, make sure that the tape is level and very snug. Round the number that you get to the nearest whole number. If the number is even, add a four to the number. If the number is odd, add a five to it. For instance, if your measurement comes out to be 28 or 27, 32 is the proper fitting bra band for you.

Tips For Proper Bra Band Fitting

Often women end up wearing the wrong size of bra because they wanted to fit into a different cup size. This can create problems as they get used to wearing the overly tight band of the wrong sized bra. If at this point, they are introduced to the correctly sized bra band, they will either feel loose or they might instantly secure it to the innermost hook. This is problematic because bras are made out of silicon or elastic that stretches out with time.

When the bra inevitably stretches, if it’s on the outermost hook, you can just place it one hook inward. If it’s already on the innermost hook, the bra will be useless to you because, after the innermost hook, no space is left for you to hook. That is why, it is highly recommended to find a bra band that fits perfectly on the middle hook.

At the same time, one has to ensure that your bra band isn’t too loose either. If the bra band is too large, the bra will ride up in the back, creating an appearance of back fat. This can also be the case for those who have no fat on their body at all. To check whether the bra band fits snugly, slide just one finger underneath it.

Pink Ribbon specializes in providing personalized, professional and discreet fittings for breast cancer survivors. But, prior to getting the new one, use the bra size calculator to know the exact size so that you end up shopping for the perfect bra next time.