How to Integrate Custom Lymphedema Garments into Your Unique Style

Lymphedema garments help to control the progression of this chronic disease.

Have you been recently diagnosed with lymphedema? You must have been informed that lymphedema is a lifelong, chronic disease that has no cure. Once you accept this fact, you will be able to lead a happy life even with this condition. However, there are two ways to manage it: One is Complete Decongestive Therapy, which is a treatment program that involves manual drainage of protein fluids from your tissues through compression techniques, and the other is wearing the custom lymphedema garments on the affected part. You will have to continue wearing your garments as instructed by your healthcare provider, throughout the day and night. Lymphedema garments help to control the progression of this chronic disease.

  • Accept and Embrace

Accept that having lymphedema is normal and you can live with it. This will help you to embrace it and find out ways to integrate lymphedema garments into your own clothing style. Wear loose clothes such as tops with dolman sleeves and loose tunics to accommodate your compression garments. Usually, breast cancer patients develop lymphedema in the arms and hands after undergoing radiation therapy or chemotherapy, while some also struggle with lymphedema in their legs, feet and ankle. Wear loose pants to hide your custom lymphedema full leg garments.

These garments apply pressure to the affected part of your body and help the lymph move in the right direction. Lymphedema garments are available in different types of fabrics, from softer, stiffer to ones made with wool or latex. Some are available in colored and printed form to help you add your personal style while embracing the condition.

Express What You Have

No need to hide that you have lymphedema. Express what you have and share your experience with others so that they can also lead a confident life like you. You can make a bold statement wearing those compression sleeves and share some knowledge about lymphedema with others. Only buy lymphedema garments made of special breathable fabric. Another thing that needs to be taken care of is that you should always purchase custom lymphedema garments from a BOC or ABC certified fitter, trained and experienced in fitting compression garments.

You will not feel stiffness or inflexibility when you are fit correctly for your garments. An improperly fitted compression sleeve or wrap-style lymphedema garment can worsen your condition worse as it will either apply too much or too little pressure on your hands or legs.

On the basis of your condition, your lymphedema therapist will decide whether you need surgery or your condition can be controlled through compression garments to avoid further swelling. With custom lymphedema garments too, you can be fashionable and feel attractive, but only when you embrace it and express yourself truly without hiding anything.