The Cup Size Affects Your Bra Size – Check How?

Have you ever headed into a fitting room to try on a bra? If yes, then you must be very well aware of how difficult it is to find a bra that fits properly and offers the exact support you’re needing. The reason is, bra fitting is a tedious task that ultimately makes you feel frustrated. There are many women out there who never understand how bra sizing actually works or how to measure your bra cup size? This is the reason why so many women live in the dark or are blank in knowledge when it comes to the relation between cup size and band size.

Many women mistakenly identify their bra size in accordance with the cup size. For instance, women who wear a 30DD bra might suppose that her breasts are simply DD. This thought might make her buy the bra which is close to her band size as long as the bra has a DD cup. The problem here is that she might have bras that are 28DD and some that are 32DD. Another thing to be noticed here is that the band size and cup size of a bra are intimately linked when it comes to a bra’s fit, and the band size is just as important as cup size. Therefore, from the example, it is very clear that the band size and the cup size are two different things and both have their individual role to play when it comes to purchasing a bra.

To fully understand why band size and cup size are both equally important in finding the right bra, you are first required to understand how to correctly measure yourself for a bra.


You can measure your bra size by two different but equally important measurements. The first is the band size. Band size is the measurement of your rib cage in centimeters. To measure the circumference of your rib cage, you need a measuring tape. All you need to do is, keep the measuring tape just under your bust, at the narrowest part of your ribs and in a straight line from front to back. The measurement that will come is the band size.

Another measurement that affects your bra size is the cup size. For this follow these instructions. Stand straight and measure the circumference around your body at the fullest part of your breasts.

The difference between these two measurements will determine the right size of the bra you should wear. Follow the above mentioned two measurements, to determine the correct bra size for yourself.


There often pops up an instance where you find yourself stuck for a bra size. You might be tempted to buy the one which is close to what you usually wear. But before you do, keep in mind that an ill-fitting bra is not only uncomfortable but it also affects the health of your breasts in the long run.

Bra size is basically calculated by your breast volume. In sister sizing, you can find different bra sizes that will support the same breast volume; the band size and cup letter change but volume remains the same. For example, women who wear 34C bra could comfortably go for 32D and 36B, wherein 32D is called Sister Size Down and 36B is Sister Size Up. Now when you are aware of how to measure your bra cup size, what is meant by sister sizing and how to determine it, it will be much more helpful when shopping for bras the next time. If you are still confused, do not worry we will help you! Schedule an appointment with our bra fitter at (479) 242-9277, and we will help you find the perfect bra fitting for you.