3 Feelings You Might Have After Getting a Custom Breast Form

Few of the reactions that cancer patients might share or go through after getting custom breast prosthesiss include symmetrical, feeling comfortable and confident. If you have never associated these feelings with your off-the-shelf (OTS) breast forms, it is time for you to get a custom. Pink Ribbon supplies custom breast prosthesis for cancer patients to closely resemble the look and feel of their natural breasts, and offer a number of advantages over OTS forms. Moreover, it is the fastest way to fill the space where your breast was and appear the same as before surgery.

COMFORTABLE – One of the biggest advantages of custom breast forms is that they provide a high degree of comfort to the patients. Custom prosthesis are hand-crafted to contour to your individual surgical site. This allows you to wear your proshtesis throughout the day, without feeling the common issues that may occur with the off-the-shelf prosthesis. At Pink Ribbon, there is a vast range of products to choose. With the custom prosthesis you can choose between a custom weighted form and a lightweight form. Each of the products have the custom skin tone, nipple style, skin type color, and different size so as to give you the most comfortable, natural-looking breast prosthesis on the market.

SYMMETRICAL – Every woman’s body and surgical sites are different from one another in one or the other way. Achieving symmetry with an OTS breast form is always next to impossible. That is why you should adore yourself with custom breast prosthesis, so as to maintain the symmetry which otherwise is difficult to achieve. This is because your prosthesis will contour to your surgical site and can be customized to the size and weight of your breast. For example: if you have had a unilateral mastectomy, you can choose to have your form weighted to imitate the weight of your remaining breast and then get a symmetrical custom made prosthetic breasts.

CONFIDENT – With custom prosthetic breasts, the cancer patients can enjoy their daily activities without facing any hassle and with the utmost confidence. With the optional security tab and magnetic attachment systems available, you are able to participate in physical activities or go about daily tasks all while wearing realistic breast prosthesis. Other types of breast prosthesis available are not always reliable when it comes to staying securely in place because they require a mastectomy bra and can come out of the pocket at unexpected times. Also, when you wear other breast forms, you might be reluctant to participate in certain activities.

In all the aforesaid ways, the Custom Prosthetic Breasts for cancer patients provide many benefits to its users. At Pink Ribbon, we supply these forms after doing a scan, with no harm to the patient, of the patient’s surgical site. After the scanning process gets completed, the custom prosthetic breasts are handcrafted. To make yourself feel better about yourself and want your favorite clothes to fit just as they did before surgery, schedule a consultation with Bev at Pink Ribbon, about setting a time for you scan.