Lumpectomy and Shapers: Get Back Your Natural Silhouette

Lumpectomy, also known as breast-conserving surgery (BCS) or a partial mastectomy, is helpful to remove a cancerous breast tissue mass. This surgery has a short recovery time compared to a complete mastectomy. Plus, it helps in preserving natural sensations. However, you may need to consider getting a shaper to help you balance the unevenness in the size and shape of the affected breast. However, you need detailed information about lumpectomy and shapers before purchasing a prosthesis after surgery.

What Is a Shaper?

A lumpectomy shape (also called partial breast prosthesis or breast insert) helps in restoring the symmetry and balance of your natural silhouette. However, these are not a complete prosthesis. These are the partial inserts for helping cover, fill in, and conceal the affected area from where cancerous tissue was removed. The shapes are available in various sizes, thicknesses, and shapes. They help clothing to lay well-balanced and evenly, as your pre-surgical body. The inserts may either fit within a bra or be attached to your skin using an adhesive.

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Types of Prosthesis

There are different types of a prosthesis for the breast after lumpectomy and radiation. Each shaper has a distinct role at different times:

  • The lightweight version helps patients during the recovery phase after surgery. This particular version is recommended to get maximum comfort and it’s also very easy to wash.
  • A silicone prosthesis is very realistic for offering women a very natural feel. Such lumpectomy and shapers are available in two versions: symmetrical and asymmetrical.
  • A custom breast prosthesis is also a suitable type for providing maximum comfort to the wearer. Just because of its lightweight construction and ability to restore wholeness, it makes the wearer feel more secure about their natural body shape.

Who can benefit from using Shapers?

Breast shapers are beneficial for women:

  • after several biopsies
  • after lumpectomy surgery or breast conserving
  • during the phase of tissue expansion
  • with breast malformation or natural breast asymmetry
  • after reconstruction with changes over time
  • after radiation when the breast becomes smaller

What are the benefits of lumpectomy and shapers?

Here are the various benefits of shapers after lumpectomy:

  • These are ideal for molding breast tissue. One can choose its weight and shape as desired while making one feel closer to their natural breast.
  • The security of a breast prosthesis enables the wearer to move freely without feeling uncomfortable. They can participate in everyday activities without feeling the extra weight on their shoulder.
  • Since contact prosthesis or custom prosthesis remain on the chest wall, they offer a more natural appeal to a natural breast shape. It is of specific importance if one wants to wear fitted clothes for enhancing their shape.

Is It Worth Investing in Shapers?

One’s comfort and confidence in their body are crucial. Everyone wants to feel wonderful in their shape. It helps in how one presents themselves to the world and how one feels. Therefore, it is definitely worth the energy and time to be in fit with a prosthesis to attain proper shape by a certified fitter. Most of the time, shapers and prosthesis are covered by insurance.

How To Select the Right Size / Shape?

It is a daunting journey to deal with breast cancer surgery. But, you don’t have to feel alone on this journey. Rather than guessing, it is best to contact a professional shaper provider like Pink Ribbon Boutique. You may even book a private appointment with professional compassionate fitters. The experts are likely to help you choose the best product to meet your requirements as per lifestyle and shape. The experts will always listen and offer unparalleled support to help one feel comfortable during an appointment.

What Makes Pink Ribbon’s Lumpectomy Shapers Special?

Pink Ribbon provides distinct types of lumpectomy shapers, mastectomy bras, and prosthesis. Every product is determined with premium standards. We provide discreet, personalized, and professional fitting to make breast cancer survivors feel secure and safe while wearing a high-quality prosthesis.

We have a range of amazing products, like breast forms, camisoles, lymphedema products, etc. Board for Certification (BOC) certified, our professional fitters assure top quality prosthesis for offering the natural feel of breasts. Hence, our products ensure the utmost comfort and total freedom while moving. These are some of the benefits of our shapers and prosthesis to meet the needs of the survivors of breast cancer.

Are you interested in superior quality prosthesis after lumpectomy? If so, explore our lumpectomy and shapers collection to find the best product for yourself. Or contact us to consult our fitters for getting a customized product.

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