How to choose the right type of mastectomy, double (DMX) or single mastectomy (SMX)?

After a double DMX or single mastectomy SMX, it is vital to find the right bra for better support. You need a post-mastectomy bra not just to support the chest while healing but to support the remaining breast tissue.

Most of these bras come with the correct features that help in faster healing while enabling your body to regain proper symmetry and shape. However, you have to carefully consider certain factors while looking for the best post-mastectomy bra.

Choose the Right Breast Form:

If you decide to not have breast reconstruction, you need to choose breast forms for enhancing your breast shape. Besides choosing the right single or double mastectomy bra, you need to choose the best prosthesis to match the rest of your breasts to remain proportionate with the body shape.

Factors to keep in mind when selecting a breast form:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Material
  • Weight

If you are not sure about the type or size of breast form, you need to purchase from a certified single mastectomy SMX or double mastectomy DMX mastectomy fitter. The professional fitters of these bras offer you customized products as per your chest wall measurement. They also ensure that the post-mastectomy bras are available in the right cup and shape size.

The triangle-shaped breast forms are perfect for shallow busts or broad-chested wall projection. The tapered corners extend from the middle of your chest toward the arm to provide accurate volume while making your breast appear natural.

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The teardrop-shaped forms are ideal for women with an average cup profile and more breast tissue volume under the nipple. On the other hand, oval or round-shaped breast forms are great for adding even volume to both above and below the nipple area for better bust projection.

Consider buying post-mastectomy bras from certified mastectomy fitters, that offer custom breast prosthesis for a realistic appearance. The professionals work closely with their customers to help them offer the realistic appearance and natural weight of the breasts.

Type of Bra You Require:

The type of mastectomy bra you require often depends on your recovery stage. After the surgery, you require a firm support bra in soft breathable material for better healing. When healed, you require a seamless bra for daily wear. After that, when you want to exercise daily after the doctor’s permission, you need a supportive sports bra for minimizing breast movement.

Common unilateral mastectomy DMX bra types are:

Compression Bras

These are best suited after the surgery. The compression bras apply gentle pressure on the chest for preventing a buildup of fluid while promoting blood circulation. It further prevents several post-surgical complications, like infection and lymphedema. You can even seek a certified, double or unilateral, mastectomy fitter, to help you get the right bra for your needs.

Other post-mastectomy options are:

  • Soft Shape T-shirt Bra
  • Seamless Pocketed Bras
  • Sports Bra

Choose the Right Material:

You may feel a lot of sensitivity in the chest wall after breast surgery. It happens more during the healing process. While selecting the right post-surgical bra, it is vital to look for versions made from non-irritant materials. So, you need to look for bras made from comfortable and breathable fabrics and weaves.

For instance, a cotton is a great option for its breathability and softness. Although it is not very elastic, it does absorb moisture instead of polyester-cotton, cotton-elastane, or cotton mixed with Lycra.

Select Specific Budget:

The post-mastectomy bras are available in various ranges of cost due to their high-quality materials, premium construction, and added features. These also cost a little more than standard bras.

After your breast cancer surgery, it’s best to have at least two or three bras to alternate and wear after washing. It even prevents premature elasticity loss, as well as wear and tear.

Try To Get a Good Fit:

The fit is vital when buying a mastectomy bra. If it is too small, it will be uncomfortable and may leave marks on the skin. An oversized bra cannot offer the required support. It is best to go to a certified mastectomy fitter to ensure you find a bra with a good fit. You need to schedule a visit for getting the right-sized post-surgical recovery bra and compression bra. It ensures you get the perfect ready-to-wear bra for helping you with better recovery. After the initial inflammation subsides, make another appointment with the fitter for a pocketed mastectomy bra.

Find the Right Double/Single Mastectomy SMX Bra With Pink Ribbon Boutique:

We help you to find a perfect custom-fitting mastectomy bra to help in a quick recovery. You can count on our ABC or BOC-certified fitters for treating you with compassion while guiding you toward the ideal mastectomy bra for your body type and way of life.

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