Breast Prosthesis – The Best Alternative to Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is another big choice to welcome or pass for a woman going through the mental and physical turmoil of mastectomy. But often, many women choose to forgo breast reconstruction and find a Breast Prosthesis is a divine alternative. Whether you’ve had a double mastectomy or single, the prosthesis is a quicker and easier alternative to look complete and balanced.

What is a Breast Prosthesis?

A breast Prosthesis is more like an artificial breast that resembles the shape of a breast and replaces the void created by the mastectomy. It fits in the bra pockets bra cups and can be worn with or without bra pockets. Wearing a prosthesis is seamless, and no one can ever guess whether you’ve gone through a mastectomy or not.

Comfort-wise, wearing a prosthesis feels comfortable as it is made of soft silicone gel packed into a thin film. These artificial breasts are molded so that they acquire the shape of your breast or part of it. The overall surface feels soft. It may or may not include the cutline for nipples.

What are the types of breast prosthesis?

At Pink Ribbon Inc, you get the freedom to choose from three different types researched and developed for women undergoing a mastectomy or lumpectomy. Here are three types.

  • Custom Breast Prosthesis
  • As the name suggests, it is customized based on one’s comfort and the shape of the breast to bring a sense of wholeness. Customization works specifically as it is unique to the body’s shape and style. The custom breast prosthesis can be directly worn on your chest wall and feel lightweight.

  • Silicone Prosthesis
  • Silicone prosthesis are made of soft silicone that nearly resembles natural breast. These are widely categorized as symmetrical and asymmetrical. The symmetrical ones now have many shapes to better fit your chest wall. On the other hand, asymmetrical ones are designed according to the need to be worn left side or right side.

How to select well-fitting breast prosthesis?

Comfort and fitting are the two factors that should not be overlooked. Therefore, whenever you plan to have a prosthesis, make sure you have a well-fitting bra to make the right choices. The fitter is trained to customize the best-fitting prosthesis for your unique body.

Also, you are suggested to wear a light-colored and plain top to help the fitter gauge your best shape. All these will help in finalizing a perfect-fitting prosthesis unique to your body.

Make sure the prosthesis you choose feels comfortable and the shape you are wanting.

What is the importance of wearing breast prostheses?

  • Restores self-confidence
  • For many women, a surgery like a mastectomy takes away emotional strength and psychological peace. This may affect her self-confidence. But breast prosthesis work contrary to make her feel complete and restore her confidence.

  • Provides balanced look
  • Prosthesis are made of silicone gel, resembling breasts more naturally. The prosthesis gives a natural shape and feel of human breasts, providing a balanced look when worn. Women feel more confident in their clothes and just an overall more confidence after undergoing a mastectomy.

  • Medically required
  • After having a mastectomy, women need some type of prosthesis, if they are not going through reconstruction, as it helps in keeping their back and shoulders aligned. Therefore, it is medically advised to choose a perfectly fitting prosthesis with a good mastectomy bra to feel comfortable post-surgery.

Find many styles of mastectomy bras and prosthesis at Pink Ribbon Boutique, Inc

Pink Ribbon has many options to choose from for breast prosthesis and mastectomy bras. Visit the website online to make the choices. You can also select their custom breast prosthesis option for perfect and unique fitting. Help and information are just a click away.