Benefits of Mastectomy Sports Bra

Mastectomy or breast surgery is sometimes a choice, but most of the time it is the consequence of breast cancer. The whole procedure is overwhelming, followed by a lot of pain, discomfort, and loss of confidence. At any point, the person going through a mastectomy must feel empowered. To regain their confidence and complete their feminine look, they can have the help of the Mastectomy Sports Bra. The mastectomy bras provide comfort during the rehabilitation process. 

About mastectomy bras 

Mastectomy bras are specially designed for women who have undergone mastectomy or breast reconstruction surgery. These bras are designed to help the comfort of women who are undergoing a mastectomy. Generally, the straps of mastectomy bras are wider, providing better comfort and full support to delicate areas that have undergone surgery and radiation therapy. 

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In addition, another purpose of these bras is to provide support to breast prostheses worn by women undergoing breast reconstruction or surgery. The cups come with a pocket to hold the breast prosthesis and hold them in place for a longer duration. Whether someone has had complete breast removal or some part of it, the mastectomy sports bra supports all types.

The seamless design and complete support offered by mastectomy bras soothe the healing and rehabilitation period. 

Benefits of mastectomy sports bras 

  • Wide and comfortable straps 

After a mastectomy or breast removal, women get mastectomy scars that are very sensitive and need proper care and handling. The mastectomy bras are designed with this in mind; hence, the straps are made broader and wider. The broader straps not only minimize the stretching in the area but also reduce friction. Overall, the bra-wearing experience is made smooth and comfortable. 

  • Clasps at front 

Mastectomy is a painful procedure leaving discomfort and emotional loss.  Emotional loss will get better over time, but the physical discomfort can be addressed with the use of a mastectomy sports bras. These bras have clasps in front, minimizing the stretch and skin irritation. The surgical site is well-kept with a mastectomy sports bra

  • Seamless bra fabric 

A soft and seamless fabric plays a vital role in post-mastectomy rehabilitation. Soft fabric soothes the surgical site and does not irritate it. Sometimes, the surgical site becomes quite sensitive and irritable after radiation therapy and surgery. 

  • Space for breast prosthesis

Mastectomy bras not only help during the rehabilitation process but also later when women who have undergone surgery choose to wear breast prostheses. Generally, mastectomy bras come with small pouches on both sides to keep the prosthesis in place.

Choosing the best mastectomy sports bras

Selecting mastectomy bras is a huge decision because your comfort is at stake with the wrong selection. Therefore, you must be cautious while buying the right bra for your post-surgical procedure. For that, you need to keep your comfort in mind. There are many brands that help you choose your correct mastectomy bra. 

Pink Ribbon Boutique Inc has various options for all breast surgeries, whether complete removal or partial removal of your breast. Book your consultation now. You will go through three stages of scanning for the best fit of a custom prosthesis. 

  • Pre-scanning 

The pre-scanning session is about discussing your expectations and helping you decide on the custom options. A mastectomy fitter is there to understand your custom prosthesis and mastectomy bra requirements and expectations.  

  • Personal scan session 

The personal scan session is more about taking your measurements for the custom prosthesis. The scan helps fitters to review your nipple and areola. The fitter also presents you with skin color options, from which you can choose. Once the session is complete, the scan is sent to the company for further engineering process. CAD-based tools help you get the best fit in your custom breast prosthesis and mastectomy bras. 

  • Personal fitting 

In the final session, the fitter comes with your custom breast prosthesis and bras. The session may take about 60 minutes at max to complete. Once the process is complete, you get the custom-made prosthesis delivered in a beautiful suede case and your mastectomy bra of choice. 

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