Types Of Bras Every Breast Cancer Patient Should Have

Breast surgery and sometimes radiotherapy results in making the chest area and the surrounding area sensitive. That is why in the first few weeks after surgery, most women are recommended to wear a soft bra or a front fastening bra. However, you don’t need to wear a specific post-surgery bra after breast surgery such as mastectomy or lumpectomy, unless the you have been advised by your surgeon to do so.

Once you have been advised to wear the post-surgery bra you should know the bra cup size to get the perfect fit. To know the bra cup size you should be well aware of how to measure your bra cup size? First measure your band then measure your bust. And finally, subtract the band size from your bust size to get the right cup size. Every inch equals one cup size up.

Now when you know the exact bra cup size, you should also know the types of bras every woman who has undergone any type of breast surgery, including radical mastectomy to reconstruction should have:

BREAST FORMS – Among the various types of breast forms or prosthesis available for use after mastectomy, the most popular ones are Silicone forms which can be worn externally. The non-silicone forms are made of foam or fibrefill. They are designed to be worn right after mastectomy or during workouts or hot weather. The Attachable breast forms are designed so that they can be fastened to the chest wall by using adhesive strips. Soft camisoles with breast forms can be worn right after the surgery and amplify the healing process.  We don’t recommend these until all skin is healed.

MASTECTOMY BRAS – The mastectomy bras feature soft cups and are wire free, they do not have any underwire. This is because sometimes the wires can irritate scar tissue or sensitive skin after surgery. Also, some of the bra cups include light padding that can create a smooth look. The stability features such as an underband help the bra stay in place, and covers the scar tissue. The wider side seams under the arms can help hide scar tissue. Many mastectomy bras feature wide and padded shoulder straps which makes them all the more comfortable.

POST SURGICAL CAMISOLES – Post surgical camisoles are a comfortable garment to wear. They have been designed specifically for women who are recovering from mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery and experience pain with limited mobility. Most of the camisoles feature an opening in the front that allows for an easy change of garments and provides the maximum comfort. Also known as recovery camisoles, they feature pockets inside which helps hold breast forms and post-surgery drainage bulbs. Indeed an innovative solution for post-surgical requirements.

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Bras Every Breast Cancer Patient