Elderberry – Know the Health Benefits of This Syrup

Elderberry is a dark purple colored berry of the ancient elder tree. Since ancient times, it has been used to make medicines. The early settlers in North America and Europe used the elderberries to treat infections, heal burns, boost the immune system and more. But, in the present day, elderberries are widely available in the form of syrup and extract. Elderberry syrup helps to treat cold and flu along with many other health issues.

It is highly recommended to cancer patients by their doctor due to the presence of antioxidants which boost the immune system. Cancer patients need to have a good immune system during and after their surgery. The usage of elderberry syrup is variable and diverse. You can use it as a topping over the waffle and pancakes, or mix them into teas or solely use them for medicinal purpose.

  1. Helps to Improve Cold & Flu Symptoms

Syrup made from the elderberries is beneficial in treating upper respiratory infections. It may not prevent flu but can reduce the span by 3-4 days. They are very effective in controlling the symptoms of flu and can reduce the severity if taken within 24 hours. The recommended dosage is 15ml of elderberry syrup to be taken four times daily for 3-5 days.

  1. Can Help in Weight Loss

Elderberries are a rich source of fiber. Fiber tends to improve satiety and can help in weight loss. Taking elderberry syrup or extract brings out significant improvement in weight management.

  1. Helps Manage Constipation

Drinking elderberry syrup on a regular basis can prove to be beneficial for your constipation problem. Elderberry contains a compound called anthraquinoe. The compound helps your intestine to absorb water, thereby increasing intestinal pressure and promoting bowel movement. Occasional constipation issue can be treated by the syrup.

  1. Provides Relief From Chronic Pain

Our body’s cells produce nitrous oxide when it gets injured or due to any disease. Anthocyanins present in elderberry inhibits this process. This trigger can reduce pain and swelling. In ancient times, it was used to treat dental pain, cuts, and bruises, and even heal burns.

  1. Supports Skin Health

The presence of anthocyanin content in the elderberries support skin health. The compound that gives elderberries its purple color is highly beneficial for flawless skin. Anthocyanins also prevent natural ageing. This, in turn, improves the external appearance of the skin tone. Being the rich source of vitamins A and C, it keeps your skin moisturized.

  1. Can Help Prevent Cancer

Elderberries contain anti-cancer properties that help people to reduce cancer risks. The quercetin present in elderberries has therapeutic properties, which stimulate the immune system and boost immune power during the cancer treatment.

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