Prosthetic Breasts – An Alternative To Reconstruction For Cancer Patients


If you have skipped breast reconstruction, thinking that it’s not right for you and you still want a breast shape, Prosthetic breasts for cancer patients can give you the balanced look without surgery.

On the basis of the surgery you went through, there are several products available for you. If you have a portion of your breast removed, silicone partial works great to smooth out and create more symmetry. If you have had a mastectomy, a post-surgical camisole that can be used immediately after surgery is recommended. You can slip the puff that comes with the camisole into your bra or camisole and appear as you did prior surgery. This is a big relief for many women, especially for those who find it difficult after losing a breast.

We, at Pink Ribbon, have experienced BOC Certified Mastectomy Fitters who assist the strong survivors in finding the correct bras and prosthesis on the basis of their individual situation and needs. We treat every patient with respect and compassion. We make sure we make every breast cancer survivor feel confident in their new appearance.


There are two main types of breast prostheses. Both of them are suitable during different conditions for different reasons:

  • A LIGHTWEIGHT Prosthesis– Made up of foam or polyfill, it is recommended to patients while they are still recovering from surgery. It is most comfortable at this time. It also feels good during warm weather or while swimming. It can be washed easily in a machine. Most lightweight breast prostheses can be worn in chlorinated or salt water. They are also good to wear while you are going through radiation.
  • A SILICONE PROSTHESIS – Not only silicone prosthetic breasts for cancer patients look more realistic but they also give you more natural feel when you wear them every day. Many women choose silicone prostheses because they give the most natural feel to the patient. Two types of silicone prostheses are available: asymmetrical and symmetrical.


Wearing a breast form never restricts you from being part of any of the activities you used to be part of before surgery. Enjoy the activities like you did earlier. If you are very active, it may be more comfortable to wear a lighter weight form. If you enjoy swimming, there are available, swim forms too that will fit into the pockets of the swimsuits. But, it is always advised to wash the breast prosthesis after being in chlorine and salt water after every use.


Wearing or fitting into prosthesis is not only for aesthetic appearances but also it’s a therapeutic measure which replaces the weight of the breast. If the fitting of the breast prosthesis matches the exact size of the remaining breast, the weight equilibrium of the body is kept in balance. On special order, we also make the American Breast Care customized breast prostheses, individually constructed and cast to match the natural contours and color of your body and your other breast. These are usually made from silicone. I wear them and love them!

Are you ready to learn more? Be in touch with Pink Ribbon. You can trust us to work with you to provide a custom prosthetic breast for cancer patients that maximizes your security, confidence, and femininity.