Perfectly Fitted Custom Breast Prosthesis in Springdale, Arkansas

Every year, breast cancer impacts the physical and mental health of millions of women worldwide. Undergoing mastectomy after breast cancer is a life-changing experience for patients. After all, it can impact a woman’s body image, self-esteem, and quality of life. But don’t worry! Due to advancements in medical science, breast cancer patients nowadays have several options to restore their femininity and self-esteem. One of the most effective options for them is a custom breast prosthesis.

As the name indicates, a custom breast prosthesis is tailor-made to perfectly fit a woman’s body. Women do not need to wear this external breast prosthesis inside a bra. It feels and appears like a natural breast, and is also available in various sizes, shapes, and colors to meet individual preferences.

In Springdale, Arkansas, women who undergo a mastectomy often consider investing in a well-fitted custom breast prosthesis to help them feel comfortable and confident again. Let’s find out the benefits of using custom breast prosthesis and how are these made.

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Benefits of Custom Breast Prostheses

A custom breast prosthesis provides the following benefits over asymmetric, standard breast form:

  • Perfect fit – Thanks to custom breast prosthesis’ availability in various sizes and shapes, they can easily fit any woman as per her body’s requirements. It helps in giving her maximum comfort and natural-looking breast.
  • Mimics natural breast – Tailored breast prosthesis consists of premium silicone that appears and feels more like natural breast tissue.
  • Durability – These are also made to last for many years if the user does proper maintenance and care.
  • Customizable – The ladies are scanned on an iPad scanner, so that the prosthesis fits only her. She gets to choose, prosthesis color, nipple color and size. She can now choose a tattoo, freckles and veins from the selection.
  • Restore Self-Confidence – A well-fitting breast prosthesis can restore breast cancer patients’ lost confidence after mastectomy.

Making of Custom Breast Prosthesis

The procedure to make a custom breast prosthesis starts right after consulting a certified prosthetist. A professional prosthetist takes detailed measurements of the remaining breast tissue, chest wall, and other surrounding tissue to provide a perfect fit.

After the measurement, the professionals scan you for a 3D image.  The scan is sent to the manufacturer and a mold of the chest wall is made using pliable, soft materials. This particular mold creates a plaster cast of the chest wall that’s further used for creating breast prosthesis.

The prosthetist after that makes use of a plaster cast for creating a tailored silicone breast form. The provided silicone is then designed to look like the remaining breast. The final breast prosthesis is well-fitted and appears and feels like a natural breast. Hence, a patient will feel more comfortable living without a natural breast after the treatment.

Maintenance of Custom Breast Prosthesis

Taking care of custom breast prosthesis is quite easy. You need to follow these tips for helping you keep it in good condition:

  • Regularly clean your breast prosthesis using mild soap and water.
  • Don’t use any harsh abrasives or chemicals for cleaning breast prosthesis.
  • Avoid exposure to extremely harsh temperature conditions, like direct sunlight.
  • Store it in a clean, dry place if not in use.
  • As per a prosthetist’s recommendation, one must replace their breast prosthesis every two years.

Custom breast prostheses at Pink Ribbon Boutique

Pink Ribbon Boutique is a specialty shop offering custom breast prosthesis for breast cancer patients in Springdale, Arkansas, and other neighboring regions. They have a team of certified mastectomy fitters, who specialize in fitting and scanning for custom breast prostheses. They aim to offer breast cancer patients the best possible filling and the most comfortable prosthesis for the breast. After all, the experts understand that every woman’s body has unique requirements after mastectomy. So, they offer a tailored breast prosthesis for them to restore their femininity and self-esteem after the treatment.

As mentioned above, the process of tailored breast prosthesis in Springdale, Arkansas starts with a consultation with a certified mastectomy fitter. During the interaction with a professional mastectomy fitter, patients get to share their concerns and requirements while investing in a breast prosthesis as per their needs. Keeping the client’s requirements in mind, the experts offer them a well-fitted prosthesis that offers maximum comfort and function.

One of the major advantages of getting a custom breast prosthesis in Springdale, Arkansas through Pink Ribbon Boutique is that they provide a prosthesis that fits only you. So, women get to choose any size, shape, and color of their prosthesis to meet their personal preferences and tastes.

Besides custom breast prosthesis, Pink Ribbon Boutique also provides many other products and services to support the needs of breast cancer survivors. They provide camisoles, bras, and other clothing pieces that help in accommodating breast prosthesis. They even offer lymphedema sleeves and head coverings to help breast cancer survivors to get started with everyday activities without any hassle.

Pink Ribbon Boutique is dedicated to offering exceptional support and care to all breast cancer survivors in Springdale, Arkansas, and nearby areas. They understand the pain and emotions that patients feel after breast cancer. So, they work effortlessly to help women regain their quality of life in the best possible way.

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