Mastectomy Pillow


Rest Comfortably With a Pink Ribbon Boutique, Inc. Mastectomy Pillow

Pink Ribbon Boutique, Inc, owned and operated by a breast cancer survivor, is for women who are currently facing similar challenges during and after their breast cancer surgery. We offer perfectly designed mastectomy products to help them with the healing process, both physically, mentally and emotionally. A mastectomy pillow is one such product that women require after breast cancer surgery to get the much-needed comfort for better healing.


Mastectomy Pillow Provided By Pink Ribbon Boutique, Inc


The Mastectomy pillow is ideal for helping patients comfortably ride home from the hospital. It helps in protecting the surgical site from children and pets while keeping you comfortable even while sleeping. Since it’s made using very breathable and soft cotton, it feels amazing against the body.


  • Designed to Offer Relief

Pink Ribbon Boutique, Inc breast cancer pillow is well-designed to offer relief and support to women facing breast discomfort. Usually, such discomfort is due to breast surgery, like reconstructive, mastectomy, reduction, or augmentation. This pillow provides breasts and bodies a supportive and soft post-surgery comfort during the healing phase.


  • Created To Resolve Issues

We understand that breast discomfort is unbearable after the surgery. Therefore, our mastectomy pillow helps the breast, back, neck, and underarm areas to get the much-needed support while relaxing, sleeping, or during massages.



How It Works

The mastectomy pillow helps in alleviating stress and pain. It does so by helping you:


  • Get Much Needed Support

After breast surgery, women are vulnerable and deal with sensitive breasts or chest area. Therefore, a mastectomy pillow is a great help to help them embrace their condition with utmost support and comfort. It is also helpful in offering relief during cardio or facial thoracic procedures too. It is even good to offer extra support behind one’s neck.


  • Provide Relief

A breast cancer pillow helps in offering proper support to your shoulder and neck while lying on the side. Hence, it offers extra relief while resting. And, also provides comfort between the legs or breasts.


  • Relax

With the support of the right mastectomy pillow, one gets maximum comfort while lying on the stomach. It also makes you relax the body while getting a massage. Besides breast cancer patients, this pillow also helps nursing mothers or women with big breasts, or those who need extra back support when lying on their stomachs.


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What is a mastectomy chest pillow? What is its need? 


It is a special pillow that helps women to heal soon after mastectomy. This pillow offers support to the chest area while helping in reducing inflammation and scars. A mastectomy pillow consists of stretchy, soft fabric and a supportive material inside it.  Most women consider this pillow to help in decreasing discomfort and pain at the surgical site. Furthermore, it helps in preventing scar tissue formation.

These pillows are generally used for around six to eight weeks after the surgery. But some women may need it even for a longer duration.


How does a mastectomy chest pillow help women after surgery?

Mastectomy chest pillows are designed to perfectly fit the body’s contour. It even helps in supporting the shoulders and back. Most women find that the use of this pillow can help them feel comfortable following the surgery. These pillows are a major part of the entire healing process, as they help you feel better while recovering from the surgery. ]


How to choose the right mastectomy chest pillow?

A mastectomy seat-belt pillow is available to offer comfort and support while sitting in a car. This makes it ideal for a car or even at home.

Another type of mastectomy chest pillow is for recovery. It particularly helps in recovering faster during the healing phase by offering slight compressive support while reducing inflammation.


How to maintain a mastectomy chest pillow?

  • Wash the pillow regularly while using mild detergent. It helps in keeping the pillow fresh and clean.
  • If a pillow comes with a removable cover, wash it too.
  • Don’t put your pillow in a dryer, as it may damage the fabric. So, just let it naturally air dry.
  • Make sure to regularly fluff the pillow to maintain its shape.