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Pink Ribbon Boutique, Inc. has been working with breast cancer patients for many years. We offer a broad range of breast prosthesis, mastectomy bras and head coverings that are suitable for everyone. Our head coverings are for patients who have just lost their hair during treatment. We work with expert head covering makers to meet premium quality standards. Several of the head covering manufacturers are people who have had cancer, or a family member had cancer. This gives them a better understanding of what a cancer patient needs and wants. They ensure that the final products are soft, easy to wear, and comfortable.

We offer head coverings in a wide range of colors and styles. If anyone needs extra warmth, they can go for a head covering that’s a little thicker. The head covers with single thicknesses, however, are suitable for summer climates.

Options For Head Coverings During Breast Cancer Treatment:

If you have lost hair during breast cancer treatment, head coverings can help you keep your head warm in the winter and also protect it during summer from the harsh sun. Choosing the head covers in soft fabrics also makes you feel at ease all day long.

Here are various head covering options to consider as per your preference and style:


Headscarves are fashionable and versatile, providing you with complete control over one’s style. You may even create extra volume around your neck or head with scarf ribbons. So, it keeps the head cover in place even during the wind.


These are easy to style and also offer various opportunities to create several fashionable looks. Moreover, they are available in various prints. These are easy to wear with wigs to keep them secure. You may even use them to keep a head scarf in place while adding a unique touch to your look.


It is quite tricky to find the right hats, for hair loss, that offer you extra depth and coverage required to conceal the baldness after breast cancer treatment.

How to choose a headcover during breast cancer treatment:

Here are certain things to consider when looking for a hat or scarf:

  • Comfort: Scalp often gets sensitive during cancer treatment. So, look for headwear that is made using soft and breathable fabric.
  • Secure fit: Another important thing to keep in mind is to ensure that the head covering has a secure fit. Therefore, choose it in fabric with some grip, such as rayon, cotton, or bamboo. Don’t go for fabrics, like polyester or silk. Choose hats with close-fitting or one made of stretchy fabrics. It is best to choose headwear with a stretchy gathered band or an adjustable inner drawstring with a custom fit.
  • Full coverage: Most people with hair loss like head coverings that cover the complete hairline, the ears, and the nape of the neck. Anything with this level of coverage can hide hair loss and even provide better protection from cold air and the sun.
  • Easy to wear and maintain: It is best to look for hats and scarves that are easy to clean and use. For washing, it must be easy to clean by hand or wash in the washing machine. You may even invest in various pieces of headwear that are foldable and pull-on, like a turban or a pre-tied head scarf.
  • Goes with your personality and style: Lastly, look for comfortable head coverings that go with your style. You want ones that will make you feel attractive and also go with most of your outfits and taste. One good question to ask yourself here is – would you feel good wearing it if you didn’t have baldness? Besides that, you can even go for styles that are out of your comfort zone, especially if you have never worn scarves or hats before.

Find Various Styles of Custom Fit Head Coverings at Pink Ribbon Boutique, Inc

Pink Ribbon Boutique Inc offers you many options of head covers during breast cancer treatment. We understand that during the treatment you don’t want to face any other discomfort, so we ensure all our products are comfortable, easy to wear, and easy to maintain.

Other Services:

For anyone who has undergone or going through breast cancer treatment, we also have a range of mastectomy pillows. These pillows help in easing out the pressure of scars after the surgery. Besides that, we have a range of breast prosthesis and mastectomy bras for the patients. Visit our website for finding the right product for yourself. If you have any questions, contact us today for help.