Breast Size Speaks So Much about You – Check What Your Size Says

Many women wish they had a bigger size while others wish they had a smaller size. The average American bra size has swelled up from 34B to 34DD in just a 30-year time span due to better education on bra fit, breast augmentation, and obesity. And you know, a woman’s breast size can reveal more than just how big (or small) her breasts are – it speaks about their personality and lifestyle.

In the scientific community, how to know your accurate size or how to measure your bra cup size has become the hot topic. From the following points, know what your bra size says about you:

BIGGER BREASTS MEANS HIGHER CHANCES OF BREAST CANCER – According to the research scientists, the women who have large bust may be more likely to develop breast cancer and the breast cancer is likely to be more aggressive. Also, the denser a woman’s breasts, the greater her risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer. The female sex hormone, estrogen, receptor gene plays a vital role in breast growth and in the majority of breast cancer cases. From the studies, it has also been revealed that those whose body mass index is 25 or less and a bra size of D or larger had a significantly higher risk of breast cancer than those of the same weight with a cup size A or smaller, they found.

BIGGER THAN B CUP MEANS SPEINDING MORE – The amount of money you spend buying your lingerie is directly proportional to your bra size. From the studies, it has been found that women with a cup size of B or smaller tend to spend less amount then their counterparts. On the other hand, the larger-breasted women wear more expensive lingerie than the one with the smaller ones. The women with E-cup breasts instead of undergoing breast augmentation can go for the shopping spree at high-end lingerie stores. Therefore, some association can be linked to bigger breasts and bigger spending.

BIGGER BREAST MEANS LOWER SELF-ESTEEM – Regardless of the size of the breasts, there are many implications when it comes to women’s mental health. Women who have asymmetrical breasts, extra-large breasts, or relatively small breasts tend to suffer from self-esteem issues. There is a physical and mental burden that comes with bigger breasts. The breast weight strain can be the leading cause of physical inactiveness and chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, and back. All the women who have bigger breasts are often looked down by the society as less intelligent and more promiscuous.

BIGGER BREASTS MEANS HIGHER IQ – Large-breasted women have higher intelligence than their less endowed counterparts. In the IQ Tests held, it was found that larger-breasted women scored an average of 10 points higher than other women. Although it has never been determined why a link exist between breast size and intelligence, it is suspected that it has something to do with the sex hormones.

SMALLER BREASTS MEANS HEAVY COFFEE DRINKER – Women with smaller breasts are considered to be heavy coffee drinkers, consuming somewhere around 3 cups a day. Three cups a day is enough to start making breasts shrink. The effects might increase with every additional cup of coffee consumed. From various studies, it has been concluded that there exists a clear link between drinking coffee and smaller breasts. But this does not mean that the breasts will shrink to nothing overnight. They will simply get smaller, but they will not disappear.

A woman’s breasts undergo changes throughout her lifespan. These changes are more than just hormonal ups and downs. As mentioned above, they actually speak volumes of women’s health, mentality and lifestyle. But, along with this, it is highly important to look for brands that specialize in your size category, rather than just those that happen to make your size. Prior to going for the best one, know

how to measure your bra cup size so that you end up shopping the perfect bra next time.