An Overview of Pocketed Mastectomy and Post Surgery Bras

Not everyone likes to wear a breast prosthesis. That is why the pocketed bra has been designed and manufactured with specific tailoring that accommodates the unique issues sometimes caused by breast surgery. Post mastectomy and post-surgery bras are the ones that feature fabric pockets inside the bra cups. They can hold a breast prosthesis in place after mastectomy surgery.

What Are the Special Features of Mastectomy & Post Surgery Bras

The mastectomy bras are unilaterally pocketed, but most of them are bilateral, which means there are pockets on both the cups. Any woman can use these pocketed or mastectomy bras, you don’t have to have undergone breast surgery. This is because these bras have comfort features which in turn have a universal appeal.

No Underwire – Soft cups and no underwire makes them best suitable for breast cancer survivors. The myth about underwire bras and cancer has been widely discredited, but some wires can irritate scar tissue or sensitive skin after surgery.

Padded Cups – In addition to the pockets, some bra cups feature light padding that can create the smooth look. This is beneficial, especially where the tissues remain uneven after the surgery.

Center Front & Under band – To help the bra stay in place and to cover all the scar tissues, stability features such as the center front and a wide under band have been added.

Supportive Side Seams – Wider and supportive side seams under the arms can help hide scar tissue. This add supports to the bra all the way around.

Comfortable Straps – Wider, padded shoulder straps are more comfortable for most women, and many mastectomy bras feature them.

Different Types of Mastectomy Bras

Everyday Bras – These are the everyday wear bras which you can wear to work, church, shopping and on the weekends.

Seductive Bras – Positive image plays a major role in the life of every woman and what you wear is helpful in building your confidence. New stylish mastectomy and post-surgery bras are considered seductive and are suitable for every season.

Sports Bras – You’re keeping fit to maximize your health. The active wear collection helps you do that with pocketed support.

Post-Surgery Bras – Soon after the breast surgery, you need to wear the products made of soft fabrics and seams, the easiest front closures and extra pouches. These help you manage your healing. They offer a variety of these medical features.

Leisure Bras – Sometimes, it’s all about comfort! Leisure bras can be worn at home, just after the surgery while sleeping or after a long and hectic day at work. The light weight prosthesis is a light breast form made of foam or fabric that gives you shape but won’t weigh you down.  It’s great with a leisure bra after surgery.

Are There Medical Reasons to Wear a Mastectomy Bra?

It is not mandatory that women wear the pocketed bra after mastectomy. They can also choose to have their breasts reconstructed, have custom prosthesis made or not replace the breasts at all, and “go flat” instead. But in some cases, the posture may suffer due to the weight imbalance.

At the same time, it is also important you feel comfortable in your clothing. Make sure that your mastectomy and post-surgery bras fit properly. Make sure that you get your fit checked regularly and follow the care instructions, therefore getting the most from your bras and your breast forms.